Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Artist Bio

I come from the San Francisco bay area, a place rife with cultural diversity and exotic taste. Having grown up there, I have never actually felt the sense of uniqueness that a place like San Francisco has to offer. I was never very outgoing or curious about anything, I never got in trouble, and any friends I had lived too far away that every visit became an event. I was pretty much a stay at home kid, watching movies and playing video games, dreaming of a way to turn those hobbies into a career. I think that is were I draw most of my inspiration from. Memories of my father and I playing video games together and later becoming avid collectors of old and present titles. I think this might be an experience that countless other kids born in the 90's share, and it has been an experience I have since wanted to share artistically.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Goals and objectives

What I want is to have a nice and secure location to display all my work whether it's my animated work or my illustrations. It would be helpful to have everything in one location, mainly so that I can build off of after graduating the Institute and so management can be a lot easier. I would like to have a site that I can show to major studios, like Titmouse, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon as my portfolio, as well as a place where I can post works in progress. I have to be real careful because one of the things I wish to really emphasize is my specific field of animation, 2D digital, as well as my overall visual style (which stems towards a Japanese style).
For organization, my animated work should be the most prominent category displayed. I still would like to have my illustrated work present, but in its own category.